Content Quality






Value For Money



  • Regular updates
  • Huge DVD archive
  • High Qaulity Videos
  • Many options to get content
  • Good support


  • Non-unique videos

My Comments

  •  A very large collection of licensed DVD porn, all wrapped in a userfriendly site interface.
  •  Only one download option on recent videos, and the video quality is starting to look a tad disappointing by today’s standards, but the integrated Flash player on the other hand is pretty neat, with a screenshot based timeline at the bottom (similar to the one at VideoBox).
  • VideosZ is objectively speaking a pretty great site (a higher video quality would have landed it a 9 rather than an 8), but with this and other DVD download sites it’s becoming excedingly difficult to come up with any reasons why, when we’re talking about varied, non-exclusive DVD content, you should settle for merely great when you can head over to VideoBox and get “fantastic” instead, and at a lower price to boot.
  • The VideosZ team is however also behind the excellent one studio DVD sites, ZTOD and Third Movies, and because of the almost universally high quality of the movies those studios are pumping out, those sites (both, plus one more, for the price of one) are recommendable. And the video quality options additionally higher and more numerous.
  • VideosZ has been growing quickly lately, and it’s no longer hopeless behind VideoBox in terms of volume, and considering both sites have made some excellent content deals lately, with VideosZ arguably edging out VideoBox in that department, it may now be worth taking a look at both sites before you make your decision. There could perhaps be specific movies that could sway you towards one site or the other.

Video quality has also improved on recent content, although unfortunately at this point older content hasn’t been reencoded in the higher quality.


1 month recurring: $29.95
3 months recurring: $59.95
6 months non-recurring: $99.95

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