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Adult Reviews On The Run is not accepting requests until further notice. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find as much time for this second review site as I had hoped.

I’m accepting review request from paysite and site network owners, but time constraints brought on by a chronic medical condition mean I might only choose to review one or a few of your sites, and I may at times temporarily close for new requests altogether, as I would rather not end up unable to deliver on promises, as has happened a few times before.

Of course a temporary login to your site(s) is still very much appreciated, as that ensures I will use content info – and other relevant data – that’s completely up to date. It will also likely speed up the review transfer process, as I would otherwise in most cases be likely to postpone it until I could get around to signing up myself and get that current data.

As on my other review site I only review sites in niches I take an interest in myself – and additionally I expect to offer slightly fewer categories in general here at Adult Reviews On The Run.
If your site isn’t covered by one or several of the categories in the menu on the right, I’ll most likely have to pass. At the moment there’s an “additional categories will be added as needed” note, but that’s probably not going to include anything much more advanced than Big Cocks, Latina and Asian.
I’m also likely to be extremely selective with solo girl sites – if I choose to accept them at all. I know they are often popular, but they also in numerous cases seem to have rather limited life spans compared to other types of paysites, with updates grinding to a halt after only a couple of years or less, if the sites aren’t just shut down entirely following rumors of legal or personal disputes with models. Basically I can’t really be bothered – especially since solo girl sites haven’t really been performing well for me at all at any point.
Please include a login valid for at least a month, but six to eigth weeks would be preferable given my often unpredictable and changing ability to work.

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